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Recent News

Team Aqua Squad is a group of 6 students in 6th grade focusing on using an invasive aquatic plant called duckweed. The team to use duckweed as a preventative measure in reducing algal blooms as well as utilizing as a filter for our aquaponic systems. The team also discovered it is high in protein and can be used as a food source! They will now enter the final challenge and has the amazing the opportunity to compete for the grand prize. Congratulations Team Aqua Squad! We are so proud of you!


Mission Statement

In 1986, over 11,000 teachers applied to be the first teacher in space, Christa MAuliffe was chosen and she was not afraid to dream. She told her students, “Whatever it is, try it. You can do more than you think”. Our school embodies this bold idea. In partnership with our dedicated parents and the community,  our diverse students are nurtured as achievers and agents of change. Our staff is passionate and excited about learning, seeking new ways to make school fun, exciting and innovative.  As a nationally recognized award winning STEAM school and a recipient of numerous sports accolades in the district, we have created an atmosphere where students thrive in their individual strengths and cultural differences. 
We are confident our highly challenging academic and arts program will allow students to reach their full potential and be ready to compete in a global 21st century society.  

About Us

  • PS 28 Christa McAuliffe School is a nationally recognized STEAM school and provides a competitive middle school athletic programs.
  • Our staff infuses technology in all grade levels to support learning through intervention and/or enrichment.
  • Collaboration among teachers in implementing best-practices in their classrooms is conducted through daily meetings and professional development.
  • PS 28 Christa McAuliffe School was recently recognized as a Samsung State Finalist in their STEM competition.